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StK sharing the knowledge, individual and group learning sessions where the focus is on you and enhancing work performance.

Have you ever thought I should know that, or I wish I could do better? Stop procrastinating and start learning!


At StK sharing the knowledge, we enhance work performance with learning and application. StK sharing the knowledge uses assessments, coaching, consulting, development plans, expertise, and specific programs to guide and build performance. Upon request, a 360-degree instrument brings many others into the guiding and building equation. The choice is up to the individual.


The more a person knows about self, skills, relationships with others, and conflict triggers, the more rewarding is a career or job interest.


At StK sharing the knowledge, Dr. Carl G. Jung’s Myers-Brigg personality theory and Dr. Elias Porter’s Strength Deployment Inventory integrate valuable information.


Start learning today! 


Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, all services are virtual.

You can find out more information on Cynthia A. Barnes, Ph.D by clicking here.

Learning Programs

New! Aimlessly Pursuing Employment? You Need Professional Branding
Aspiring Achiever Employment Program
Type to IDP
Glimpsing at Leadership while Considering Type

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