Type to IDP

Myers Briggs Focused; Participant Companion Workbook Required. This five-week exploration of self and ways to prepare for a career or job moves participants through assessments, a questionnaire, and an instrument to a complete Individual Development Plan.

Executive Development Plan

Senior Executive Service (SES) employees of the Federal government are required by 5 Code of Federal Regulations 412.401 to have an Executive Development Plan to assist with maintaining knowledge, skills, and building upon core qualifications. Plans address leadership, managerial improvement, and results.

360-Degree Feedback

Uses multi raters to obtain feedback for developmental purposes. It assists with developing skills and behaviors. Its capacity points out strengths, areas for development, and potential impact on others and the organization.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Explanation of psychological preferences. Includes Type Table introduction, functions, personality differences, perception of job or career. Approximately 15 pages.

Professional Development

Customized learning designed to improve professional knowledge, understanding, and application. The process is often collaborative and intensive.

Individual Development Plan

Plans go into details about integrating proficiency and new knowledge to goals and application.

Strength Deployment Inventory

Strength Deployment Inventory imparts motives and strengths through a Motivational Value System. Results give insight into strengths, overdone strengths, and sequences of conflict in stages.

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